Thursday, May 14, 2009

From San Pedro to Redlands and El Centro easy ride.
Spent the night at a truck stop and early next morning to Nayarit. You drive through a neat park called "organ pipe cactus natonal manument" and end up at the quitest and calmest border crossing at "gringo pass" (that's not what the maps show) everyone seems to have this yellow teeshirt with the "gringo pass" logo.
This quiet US town has a motel, rv park, appartment building, several offices (all selling Mexican car insurance) a grocery store and a fuel service station.
Crossing the border was a wave of hands !.
17 miles down the road to Santa Ana (Mex hwy 2) there is the immegrations, customs and temporary car importation transacions. All a piece of cake. Everyone was extremely helpfull to the point of filling out the forms for me. Customs just waved me through !.
Drove to Magdalena for the night and ended up today in Guaymas.

The roads are US freeway quality. All the way from the border to Guaymas the roads are in terrific shape. Lots of truck trafic, a very energetic Sonoran State. All Pemex fuel stations (and only stations) are clean and the paint systems are fresh and bright. The cost of diesel is high ( a tad under $4.- per gallon).

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  1. Buenas noches gringo ! Como vas ? Tengo mucho trabajo para seguirte en el mapa de Mejico, y me das ganas de andar contigo. Buena suerte y hasta el proximo contacto. Muchos besos de tu hermana